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CD45 S-pluriBead anti-ms

CD45 S-pluriBead anti-ms

CD45 S-pluriBead anti-ms

#29-04500-10 pluriBead® uses non-magnetic monodispersed microparticles (beads) for the separation of cell mixtures.
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  • 29-04500-10
S-pluriBeads® are suitable for rapid positive cell separation of cells from murine sample... more
S-pluriBeads® are suitable for rapid positive cell separation of cells from murine sample material. The capture particles can be used without sample preparation for cell isolation directly in blood (whole blood), buffy coat or cell cultures. The target-specific non-magnetic capture particles (monodisperse polystyrene microbeads) are added directly to the sample material and then mixed with our universal mixing device the pluriPlix® or a horizontal mixer. During the incubation period the positive cells bind to the specific surface of the non-magnetic pluriBeads®. Afterwards, the capture particles with the bound cells are separated from all unbound cells by means of a pluriStrainer S (30µm). In the last step the target cells are gently detached from the pluriBeads® with our detachment buffer (supported by the Connector Ring). The enriched cells are then available for further downstream applications like cell culture experiments or FACS analyses. For the isolation of cell specific RNA, DNA or proteins, the bound cells can be lysed directly on the pluriStrainer S (30µm) without the separation step. pluriStrainer® as well as pluriBeads® are suitable for the classical cell disruption with the guanidinium thiocyanate-phenol-chloroform extraction.

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