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pluriStrainer® 200 µm - sterile

pluriStrainer® 200 µm - sterile

pluriStrainer® 200 µm - sterile

#43-50200-03 Sieves, universal and functional, for a wide range of applications, such as filtration and enrichment of sample materials or sample preparation for further analyses
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  • 43-50200-03
Universal sieve for a variety of laboratory applications where the purification of liquids or the... more
Universal sieve for a variety of laboratory applications where the purification of liquids or the recovery of sample materials is required. The unique design features of the pluriStrainer® improve the aeration to avoid blockages during sample processing. pluriStrainer® are also stackable and, as a combination to a sieve cascade, are suitable for a simultaneous filtration with different mesh sizes. A handle allows a safe handling of the sieves. By combining the handle and the geometry of the laboratory filters, they can be reversed. The sample material retained on the sieve can thus be easily and quickly washed back into a fresh sample tube such as a 50 ml centrifuge tube or a microtiter plate. Our pluriStrainers fit on all common 50 ml centrifuge tubes. The combination of a pluriStrainer with our connector ring and a 50 ml centrifuge tube allows you to actively influence filtration, cell detachment, cell lysis or cell stimulation. The Connector Ring offers you the unique possibility to control the flow through the pluriStrainer laboratory filter. The Connector Ring, which has a Luer connection, can support the filtration of the sample material by applying a negative pressure. Furthermore, the connector ring allows to block the flow over the sieve and to keep the liquid on the sieve. The dammed liquid can support sample preparation, such as tissue dissociation (mechanically with plunger and/or biologically with enzymes). As the screen tissue is firmly connected to the pluriStrainer during the manufacturing process, the tissue cannot be pushed out of the housing during a mechanical cell dissociation. Therefore, the screen cloth can act directly as a counterpart to the plunger. Another possibility to use the accumulated liquid is the treatment of cells with cell lysis reagents such as RLT buffer or TRIzol ®.

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