NEXTFLEX® Poly(A) Beads 2.0

NEXTFLEX® Poly(A) Beads 2.0

NEXTFLEX® Poly(A) Beads 2.0


NEXTFLEX® Magnetic Beads for mRNA Purification. The NEXTFLEX® Poly(A) Beads 2.0 kit provides improved mRNA yields, lower rRNA contamination, and a more simplified protocol. The kit offers a convenient method for the purification of pure, intact mRNA upstream of RNA-Seq library prep. Poly(A)-tailed mRNA is isolated via magnetic beads conjugated to oligo(dT), and separation using a magnetic stand allows for high mRNA recovery. The intact mRNA is eluted in small volumes, thereby eliminating the need for precipitation.

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  • NOVA-512991
10 ng – 5 µg total starting RNA Magnetic bead-based protocol No organic solvents or... mehr


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