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Streck ARM-D® Kit, ampC+MasterMix

Streck ARM-D® Kit, ampC+MasterMix CE

Streck ARM-D® Kit, ampC+MasterMix

#250046 Multiplex real-time PCR kit for the rapid detection of antibiotic resistance genes in Gram-negative bacteria.
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Size: 100 tests
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  • 250046
The Streck ARM-D Kit, ampC is part of a family of comprehensive, multiplex real-time PCR kits... more
The Streck ARM-D Kit, ampC is part of a family of comprehensive, multiplex real-time PCR kits that detect over 1,000 antimicrobial resistance (AMR) gene variants from 26 different gene target families. Streck ARM-D Kits provide a rapid detection strategy for monitoring β-lactam antibiotic resistance to improve surveillance, aid antibiotic stewardship programs and support infection control programs. The ARM-D ampC kit detects over 200 variants in 6 clinically relevant resistance gene families and can differentiate plasmid-mediated ampC β-lactamase resistance from chromosomal resistance. Streck ARM-D kits have a high degree of sensitivity and specificity for accurate, reliable results. Every kit includes positive controls for each gene target to monitor analytical process as well as an endogenous internal control (16SrRNA gene) to reduce false negatives due to PCR inhibition, DNA degradation or poor extraction. The ARM-D ampC kit is an open-platform multiplex kit and is compatible with most 4-channel real-time thermal-cyclers.

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storage temperature: -20 °C
shipping method: blue ice packs
regulatory status: CE-IVD